What is PLAY.ON about?

Great question! Go here to learn more about us!

Where & When is PLAY.ON being held?

PLAY.ON will be held from the 03rd to 05th November 2017, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Where can I find the Schedule?

The full schedule of our show can be found on our website at the ‘Activities’ tab, and it’s generally updated periodically.

How Do I Exhibit?

Becoming is an exhibitor at PLAY.ON is super simple! All you need to do is visit ‘Exhibit Page’, or sent an email request to our friendly team at Sponsors@PLAYON.asia or Exhibits@PLAYON.asia to help you get started on the various options available!

How Do I Volunteer?

Register your interest by dropping us an email with a brief writeup about yourself to volunteer@playon.asia.

Will I be photographed or video recorded?

Our attendees understand that they are in the public domain and are likely to be filmed, photographed or recorded. However, if you don’t consent to your image and likeness being captured and used, you should avoid the area.

What Day is my pass good for?

If you purchased a daily pass, you will have access to the event on the day of the ticket issued; if you purchased a 2 days pass, you will access for both Expo days on Saturday & Sunday. Friday is only accessible for registered trade visitors only.

What are the main rules and guidelines for PLAY.ON?

We have only 6 main rules for you to optimize your experience at PLAY.ON:

  1. No stealing  
  2. No hurting of people
  3. No drugs allowed
  4. No cheating
  5. No harassing of anyone
  6. Don’t mess with things that aren’t yours

If you see anyone doing ANY of these to others or yourself, please approach a Volunteer immediately. You will be asked to fill out an incident report form (either on the record or anonymously, whichever you prefer), which will immediately be escalated to, depending on severity: show management, show security, venue security, and local authorities.

Where can I find the schedule of events?

We are constantly updating the schedule of events leading up to the month of the show, so do check out our Activities Page to view it periodically for new updates! Or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed whenever the new updates are up!

Can my child get in for Free?

We are happy to say that all children Six (6) years of age and under can enter for free, just make sure to bring proof of age to the registration booth!